We are a software development company that believes, there is a better way to deliver embedded programming services to the communications, automotive, and electronics industries. Our mission is to deliver high quality products at competitive costs.


We possess skills and knowledge acquired during many years of our professional career. Our customers choose to work with us because we offer:


  • Quicker turnaround with less re-work
  • Reduced development costs
  • High quality work


Our location, Kraków (Poland) is widely recognized as a leading Polish academic hub and one of Poland's most important economic centers. There are two well known major technical universities, as well as such companies as Motorola, IBM, Google and many others. Last but not least Kraków is easily accessible by plain or highway. Thanks to our geographic location and cultural similarities doing business with European and U.S. companes is simple and efficient.


Engage us today for a free needs assessment conversation, and discover how we can help you deliver more project value for less.


JPEmbedded’s IEC 61850 stack certified!28.02.2017

The Conformance Certificate no. 2017/01 proves that JPEmbedded’s IEC 61850 Stack fulfills the requirements of the standard.

JPEmbedded’s IEC 61850 stack used in Swedish R&D project19.05.2016
Open execution platform with centralized management (read more)
We got it!04.03.2016

In November 2015 JPEmbedded had participated in one of the calls for innovative projects


our customers

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30-609 Kraków
(+48) 122662544
E-mail info@jpembedded.eu
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