Jan Mazan


Jan is a one of two JPEmbedded founders. In the past he participated in many international projects for telecommunication, automotive, and medical industry. He gained his experience working as a software engineer and project leader/manager. Jan participated in all stages of project live-cycle and therefore he has a very good understanding of software production. In 2006 after several years of career at Motorola development center he decided to start JPEmbedded with Pawel Filipek. His primary motivation was to face the challenge of being independent and growing own company. Privately he is interested in technical analysis of stock markets, skiing and mountain hiking.

Paweł Filipek


Pawel has a master degree in a field of Automatics and Robotics and postgraduate diploma of software eneginnering. He has worked with embedded systems for over 10 years now. He was working for several years in infrastructure department of leading communication solutions provider. He was designing and developing firmware as well as creating requirements for the cellular infrastructure of CDMA and UMTS networks. He has deep knowledge of embedded operating systems as well as the software engineering practicies (like CMMI, SixSigma, Agile, Configuration Management) and helper tools necessary for sofware development.  Since 2006 he is the co-owner of JPEmbedded which provides embedded programming services. His main hobbies are basketball, mountain bikes cycling, surfing, snowboarding and .... hard work.


JPEmbedded’s IEC 61850 stack certified!28.02.2017

The Conformance Certificate no. 2017/01 proves that JPEmbedded’s IEC 61850 Stack fulfills the requirements of the standard.

JPEmbedded’s IEC 61850 stack used in Swedish R&D project19.05.2016
Open execution platform with centralized management (read more)
We got it!04.03.2016

In November 2015 JPEmbedded had participated in one of the calls for innovative projects


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