Connecting industrial networks with the GRID


The days when the domains such as IT, factory automation, electricity grid were placed on islands with no, or very limited connectivity are gone by. In today's world information technologies are becoming an indispensable factor for almost every walk of life, and the key enabler of this process is exchange...
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Integrating IoT with IEC 61850
Internet of Things continues to be one of the key technology trends in the recent years. According to Gartner’s estimations, IoT network will grow from 8,7 billion in 2017 to over 20 billion connected things by 2020. Utilities representing the energy market understand the advantages offered by Internet of Things,...
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6 reasons to attend the IEC 61850 Europe Conference
The IEC 61850 Europe is the place to connect with more IEC 61850 experts and the implementation leaders than you'll find at any other smart grid conference in the world. The event is organized by Phoenix Forums and takes place annually in varying cities all across Europe. The last being...
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