Dorsera version 2.1 is now available!

We have it! The new, refreshed version of Drosera application for easier and faster configuration of JPEmbedded protocol converters.

Version 2.1. is expanding the scope of functionality by adding support for communication between all available protocols supported by our devices. We have also improved the management of signal mappings such as adding or editing more than one signal mappings at a time with using simple regular expressions.

Using the application has become even simpler and more intuitive thanks to the refreshed interface and a new manual that guides the user step by step through the principles of operation of the available functionalities. In order to prevent possible errors and facilitate their recognition, we have improved the validation of the input data and detailed the error messages to make them understandable for the recipient.

Invariably, the application is free for all our clients. If you are interested to try it please send us a message via

Are you curious? See the movie shortcut of the newest Drosera version in action!

What’s new:

Drosera demo: