Creating CID and ICD files isn’t that difficult!

Creating, modifying CID and ICD files doesn’t have to be difficult at all! The Hedera application by JPEmbedded allows for the intuitive and smooth generation and modification of SCL format files. Thanks to it, the entire configuration process of an Intelligent Electronic Device (IED) is much simplified. Hedera has been designed to be used by manufacturers of substation automation devices to create an ICD file for their products and by integrators to prepare CID file describing the configuration of each device operating in the IEC61850 network.


Hedera allows to edit, add, delete and configure data model elements such as logical nodes, data sets, buffered and unbuffered reports, or GOOSE messages according to the IEC61850 standard. Thanks to the built-in type library, it is also possible to create a data model from scratch, starting with the mandatory elements and extending it with any logical nodes. The application features data model validation. Messages displayed on the screen guide user when editing the file and inform about the compliance of the file with the standard. Thanks to that, even engineers less familiar with the standard can create and edit files for their IEDs. Furthermore, the tool allows users to upload finished CID files directly to the device.

Additionally, to support customers that use our protocol gateways (i.e. Apis and Papilio), we have integrated Hedera with Drosera (a protocol mapping tool by JPEmbedded). Thanks to this, all operations related to the preparation of the CID file and protocol conversion mappings to IEC61850 can be performed simultaneously, without the need to install additional tools.


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