We are engineers from the heart, not just by profession. Our team includes passionate people, who love exploring and solutions finding, who experiment and take risks.

We use mutual experience that inspires us to work and to realize our own interests. Our strength is the diversity that makes us perfect. We believe in the power of a small business where no one is anonymous, and everybody is unique and needed. We united by energy, curiosity and our commitment in the common goals achieving. Most importantly – we just like to work with each other.

Key contacts

  • Jan MazanLinkedIn


    CEO & co-founder. Jan has 20 years of experience with embedded software projects. He started his career working as a software engineer and later as a project manager for multinational company from telecommunication industry. He gained experience working on several projects implemented by international team of engineers.

    Since founding JPEmbedded in 2006 his main focus has been company grow and currently he is in charge of getting U.S. branch of the company from the ground. In his spare time he enjoys reading books based on true stories. Jan graduated computer science at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków (Poland).

  • Paweł FilipekLinkedIn


    CTO & co-founder has twenty years’ experience in creating, designing and development of embedded systems. Paweł is automation engineer by training and loves tinkering. Before establishing the company he worked for US manufacturer of telecommunication devices. He dealt with software and firmware development, its integration on systems and devices as well as requirements creation and software design.

    Nowadays besides running a business he serves as technical advisor of all products created by JPEmbedded. He loves practicing sports, these include but are not limited to basketball, tennis, cycling, windsurfing and well as skiing and ski touring.

  • Karolina Sekuła-MatyasikLinkedIn

    Marketing Director

    A graduate in sociology at the Jagiellonian University (Poland), has been associated with JPEmbedded since 2015. She began her career taking care of administrative functions, which expanded to include activities related to external promotion of the company.

    Currently, as the Marketing Director, she is responsible for the company’s image and service of projects carried out as part of EU grants. Karolina loves traveling and spending time close to nature. She is also interested in issues of personal development and healthy lifestyle.

  • Maciej GąsienicaLinkedIn

    Sales Director

    Maciej is a great listener who loves supporting our customers in reaching their project goals. He is experienced in project management, process optimization in the manufacturing and distribution areas. That background helps him asking the right questions, understanding customer needs and proposing them the most effective solutions. Maciej is interested in the psychology and influence of modern technology (i.e Artificial Intelligence) on our lives. He studied at ICAM Toulouse (France) and graduated mechanical engineering at the Technical University in Krakow (Poland).

  • Mateusz BobińskiLinkedIn

    Software Test Lead

    Mateusz graduated Applied Computer Science at the Jagiellonian University (Poland), and joined JPEmbedded in 2014. He began his career as a software tester, to develop this branch of the company and create a testing section. Currently, he is responsible for the grow and work of the team, taking the position of the test leader. He likes to spend his free time exploring the world behind the steering wheel of his car, but as soon as winter begins he switch to a snowboard.

  • Rafał SkalikLinkedIn

    Software Development Lead

    A graduate of Automation and Robotics at WIMiR AGH. He joined the JPEmbedded team in 2017 as a hardware tester. A year later, he moved to the development team to become its team leader in 2022.

    He passionately follows the world of C++. After hours, he pursues his hobby as a sports shooter.

  • Wacław GawlikLinkedIn

    System Test Lead

    Since the very young age you could have found him playing different types of sports or getting injured by hand/power tools in his grandfather’s garage where he would create, fix or probably mostly just destroy stuff.

    His manual skills and interest in mechanics brought him to the AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland) where he majored in Automatics and Robotics. After graduation, he pursued his dream of living in Japan, and he was successful as he was accepted to the ‘Vulcanus in Japan’ programme. One year abroad had a significant impact on his international work experience. Exposition to the commonly known high working standards within Japanese companies have risen his accuracy, meticulousness and attention to details.

    Among others, those traits made him to be hired by the JPEmbedded for the position of the System Tester in 2016. Since then, he has grown together with the expansion of the company and right now he is in charge of the small System Test team which specializes in testing of the PLC controllers and other derivative devices.