ICCP/TASE.2 Library

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Inter-Control Center Communications Protocol (ICCP) also known as TASE.2 is the standard that defines communication between control centers, utilities and power pools. Since TASE.2 and IEC 61850 both use the MMS communication protocol, a significant part of the source code is shared by both products. The library architecture is comprised of a core component, which implements functionality defined by the standard and platform abstraction layer (aka ‘driver’). Using this approach, the library can easily be ported to different platforms. Currently, Windows (7, 8, 10) and Linux are supported. The library design is object oriented, C++ was used for implementation, but C or Java language API could be provided if requested by the customer. JPEmbedded’s solution supports both the server and client side of communication. An encrypted secure channel based on TLS protocol in accordance with the IEC 62351 standard is also an option.

To request a FREE EVALUATION version of the library, please send us an e-mail containing information about the target platform microcontroller and operating system. For more information, licensing details, price quotation requests, please contact us directly: sales@jpembedded.eu, +48 601 088 970

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